Olympic Indoor Pool

Includes our 75’ x 40’ Olympic lap and exercise pool maintained at 83°, and a 16’ x 10’ Kiddie Pool maintained at a soothing 96°. The pools are housed in a vast, airy room with full glass doors leading out to the sun deck. The pools are available for lap swimming, therapy or recreational fun during any hour we are open.

Main Gym Floor

Over 30 pieces of Body Masters selectorized strength equipment, a huge area devoted to Body Master free weights, over 50 pieces of cardio-equipment including; Quinton Treadmills, Precor EFX, Stair Master and Nautilus Eliptical Trainers, Lifecycles, Lifesteps, Concept II Rowers, Spinning Bikes, Cybex Ark Trainers, and more! The 3,500 square foot floor is energized by a rich stereo system and is fully air-conditioned.

Cardio TV Balcony

More of the same well maintained cardio equipment. Catch up on some reading or watch your favorite television program on one of our four flat screen televisions. This private, quiet space is fully air-conditioned.

Group Exercise Facility

Our two thousand square foot exercise room features a superbly cushioned hardwood floor and is fully air-conditioned. Our top of the line sound system provides amazing sound quality for all group fitness classes.

Multi Purpose Room

This space is a great place to stretch before or after a workout. The room is an open space equipped with stretch mats, light dumbbells, exercise balls, olympic training rings, agility ladders, and more.

Cross Training Fitness Room

This room has it all; wall to wall mats, seven specialty bags including heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags, and more. There is also a TRX, battling rope, climbing rope, and kettlebells as well as martial arts training equipment including focus mitts and grappling dummies.

Functional Fitness Room

This room now has cardio equipment, bands, mats, and other miscellaneous exercise gear.

Racquetball Courts

Racquetball is an excellent way to develop hand-eye coordination and increase balance and speed while increasing cardiovascular endurance. At Vermont Sun we offer members a racquetball/basketball court with a  basketball hoop. Court time may be reserved up to one week in advance.


Both the men and women’s locker rooms feature dry sauna’s heated to approximately 170 degrees at all times. A warm, relaxing treat for your tired muscles!

tanning booth

Our new, LUXURA V6, state of the art tanning system is now operational!
This high-efficiency booth provides tanning plus all the great health-supporting benefits (S.A.D protection, Vitamin D production, and more) that indoor tanning provides. Look and feel great in just 3-9 minutes as you enjoy our low rates!

Non-members are always welcome.

Light is a wonderful thing with many more benefits than people realize!

When skin is exposed to light it produces Vitamin D, which the body cannot produce itself. It is recommended to get about 20 minutes of exposure at least three days a week throughout the year!

Seasonal affective disorder is a unique type of depression that usually occurs during the winter. It has been found that a decreased amount of time that we spend in the sun during the winter is a factor in contributing to SAD. This occurs due to the change in the melatonin, a hormone that responds to changes in light.

Give tanning a try to give your skin the light it needs!

Per state law, we prohibit minors (under 18 years of age) from tanning.  Proper ID is required.