There’s someone for everyone. Our personal trainers come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. No matter what your health and fitness goals, we can get you there.

Lorie Mackey

Lorie Mackey is a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Vermont Sun certified personal trainer, and a Certified Positional Release Therapist. She obtained her B.S in Biology from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY and completed coursework for a Masters degree in Exercise Science at Syracuse University. Lorie’s experience includes preparing athletes for competition, work in physical and cardiac rehabilitation, clinical research, and developing exercise programs for individuals living with chronic health concerns. She enjoys working with anyone interested in improving their level of fitness.

As a Medical Exercise Specialist, Lorie bridges the gap between clinical treatment to independent exercise. If your doctor has recommended exercise, and you have questions or concerns about becoming more active, she can help.

Personal exercise experiences include a (distant) past as an elite rower, and some dabbling in marathons and triathlons.

“I Love making fitness approachable by sharing information and weeding out popular misconceptions about what it takes to reach one’s health/fitness goals.”

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Shelly Hare

Strength training and body Fitness has been a part of Shelly’s life for the past 24 years. Shelly and her husband Steve established Vermont Sun Fitness Center in 1984 and have owned and operated it since then. Shelly became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor in 1984 through ACE (American Council on Exercise). In 1995 Shelly became a Certified Spinning Instructor through Mad Dog Athletics and her latest certification took place in 2006 when she became a Certified Personal Trainer through AFFA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America).

Shelly continually works on improving her skills and knowledge by attending seminars and workshops based on health and fitness related topics.

Shelly loves having the opportunity to help motivate clients in achieving their health and fitness goals. With focus, Determination, and Will Power, you will succeed. Take care of your Body and Soul.

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Kristen Ginsburg

Kristen is a Certified Personal Trainer fully certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). NASM is a highly respected authority in the field of fitness and sports medicine, with a methodology founded in applied science and an approach whose emphasis lies in developing individualized programs to meet the specific needs of each client. This means that after a thorough assessment Kristen can help anyone achieve his or her fitness goals, from the first time gym member to the high level athlete. Kristen has worked with teenagers looking to lose weight and gain strength, families who wanted to get fit together, young mothers who wanted to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape, individuals training for a triathlon, young men looking to build bulk and those who just wanted to improve their posture and get stronger at the same time.

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Terrie Davis Swim

Terrie Davis is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Aquatic Therapist, Certified Therapeutic Recreations Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer with many more specialized medical and non-medical credentials. She received her Masters in Exercises Physiology in 2006, Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation in 1983.  She has worked for 30 plus years as a therapist in rehabilitation centers and even longer in health and fitness centers.  Her expertise lies in improving the quality of life by decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.  Her fitness knowledge has assisted individuals to meet their goals of weight loss and conditioning,

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Joanie Roberge

Joanie has been instructing fitness activities such as kick boxing at Middlebury College and Spinning at local fitness centers for over 30 years. These instructional activities highlight Joanie’s well known enthusiasm and her dynamic approach to group fitness. Joanie’s focus on wellness is reflected in her vocational choice of being a long term health care professional. Over time she has combined these areas of expertise into an approach that is particularly sensitive to such things as: injury prevention, physical setbacks, overcoming limitations, dealing with serious injury, and developing age appropriate exercise programs.

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Travis is a NASM-certified personal trainer whose goal is to help all of his clients increase their flexibility, improve their posture, and gain strength to counteract the detrimental effects of today’s sedentary lifestyles.
Travis has always been active and also learned a lot about fitness, movement, and injury prevention during the time he spent recovering from injuries, and he earned his NASM personal training certification because he wanted to share this knowledge with others to help them live healthier lifestyles. He enjoys working with clients from all walks of life and at all fitness levels – from total newbie to experienced athlete. We can all benefit from making healthier choices in our daily lives.
A little movement goes a long way and his goal is to help you discover your individual path to healthier living.

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Nanja is a personal trainer certified by NASM whose primary goal is to design training plans tailored to the goals and level of fitness of the trainee no matter what they are. Having worked with over 30 individuals from a wide range of demographics, Nanja is ambitious to tackle any obstacles or challenges that come up down the line.
his passion for personal training and coaching comes from his own fitness journey where he managed to lose 80lbs in a matter of 7 months. This experience showed him what exercise can really do for someone and now he strives to introduce the countless benefits with whoever he trains with. Despite only recently obtaining his NASM CPT, Nanja gained a lot of his experience working at Performance Incorporated to train a variety of high school and collegiate level athletes. Additionally, during his time at Springfield College as a rugby player, he learned the ins and outs of team lifts, practices, and competition.
Eager to tackle any challenges between trainee and their goal, Nanja is open and prepared to work with any kind of individual. And while his specialization lies in athletic performance, he believes that anyone has a right to fitness and that exercise is a tool that comes with a wide range of benefits.

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