Dear current and past Members and all of Addison County who have supported us for the past 35 years,

We are very grateful to you for joining us in our mission to promote fitness and health. We are now into our third week of being closed because of this terrible disaster, the likes of which we have never seen. Please, do everything you can to keep yourselves, your families and your community safe.

While our facilities are closed, we want to continue to encourage everyone to stay motivated to exercise and to live a healthy lifestyle. We have and will continue to post-workout videos here. Stay connected with us and your fellow members by going to our facebook page.

Many businesses have had their revenues severely reduced and many people are unemployed. Our revenues are currently zero as we suspended all dues payments April first. We still have bills to pay. We want to thank those of you who have reached out to us to see how we are doing and offering to continue to pay fees. We are working, trying to figure out how to maintain Vermont Sun until we are able to open.

We have decided to activate our dues collection as of May first. Members’ dues will be reduced to our “maintenance” fee of $11 per month. per individual or family account. This will help us pay a portion, but not all, of the array of expenses there are to maintain Vermont Sun. The maintenance fee is an option, as is continuing to pay regular monthly dues. If you can, please consider continuing your regular dues by CONTACTING US below.

If we don’t already have it, please send us your email so we can send you important notices like our reopening!

To Your Health and Fitness, Steve, Shelly, Ruth, Lorie and all of us at Vermont Sun

PS If you would like to talk to us directly you can call our home, 388-3060 mornings between 9-noon is best. If we can’t pick up please leave us a message and we will call you back ASAP.

Cheers, Steve and Shelly Hare, Vt Sun founding owners.